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CQL Cassandra driver

This library uses the cql library which implements Cassandra’s CQL protocol and complements it with the neccessary I/O operations. The feature-set includes:

Node discovery

The driver discovers nodes automatically from a small set of bootstrap nodes.

Customisable load-balancing policies

In addition to pre-built LB policies such as round-robin, users of this library can provide their own policies if desired.

Support for connection streams

Requests can be multiplexed over a few connections.

Customisable retry settings

Support for default retry settings as well as local overrides per query.

Prepared queries

Prepared queries are an optimisation which parse and prepare a query only once on Cassandra nodes but execute it many times with different concrete values.

TLS support

Client to node communication can optionally use transport layer security (using HsOpenSSL).



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