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doctest-driver-gen is a doctest's driver file generator. It lets you automatically generate driver file for doctest's cabal integration.


{-# OPTIONS_GHC -F -pgmF doctest-driver-gen [-optF DOCTEST_OPTION]... #-}

Make your driver file with the content.


This package was motivated by doctest-discover. I want a simpler doctest's driver file generator.


Changelog for doctest-driver-gen

  • Add ddgen_run.
  • Update ddgen_output to reduce arguments for simplicity.
  • Update build-depends to allow doctest-0.14.

  • Update build-depends to be strict. (Initial)

  • Add a executable program: doctest-driver-gen.
  • Add Test.DocTest.Gen, ddgen, ddgen_output, and ddgen_usage.
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