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A wrapper to make length-parametrized data-type from functorial data-types.



  • Supports GHC 9.6
  • Migrates to recent toolchains

  • Minor refactoring of test-suite to support inspection-testiong 0.5

  • Drops Peano-numerals
  • Obsolete kind-generic classes
  • Now all types are kinded with GHC’s builtin type-level naturals, and no type parameters for naturals.
  • Drops dependency for singletons package and their relatives.

  • This is transitional change: preparation for future rework of type-natural
    • Types and constraints in Data.Sized.Builtin is now incompatible with Data.Sized and Data.Sized.Peano
    • The latter two modules will be removed in future release.
  • Removes NilL and NilR
  • Compolete overhaul on Data.Sized.Builtin
    • Stop using orders from Data.Singletons
    • Types of nested pattern synonyms can now be inferred correctly

  • Makes sLength using KnownNat instance to get O(1) always.
  • Introduces Nil pattern and deprecates NilL and NilR.
  • Previously, in sepcialised modules for Builtin and Peano, elemIndex, elemIndices and their Ordinal version were misimplemented; they are now correctly uses their counterparts in Data.Sized.
  • Adds documentation for specialised modules.

  • Stop using ListLike package and switched to [subcategories] package for the abstraction of sequential types.
  • Complete overhaul on type signatures.
  • Both Data.Sized.Builtin and Data.Sized.Peano exports specialised functions instead of reexporting functions from Data.Sized.