A Haskell library for the GitLab web API

Latest on Hackage:0.2.3

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Rob Stewart

This Haskell library queries and updates the database of a GitLab instance using the GitLab web API:

It also features an API for writing Gitlab file hook applications

Run all GitLab actions with runGitLab:

runGitLab :: (MonadUnliftIO m, MonadIO m)
 => GitLabServerConfig -- ^ the GitLab server details
 -> GitLab m a         -- ^ the GitLab action
 -> m a

For example:

myProjects <- runGitLab
         { url = ""
         , token="my_token"} )
     (searchUser "joe" >>= userProjects . fromJust)

Which uses the functions:

searchUser   :: Text -> GitLab m (Maybe User)
userProjects :: User -> GitLab m (Maybe [Project])

This library can also be used to develop rule based GitLab file hooks that react in real time to GitLab events with:

receive :: [Rule] -> GitLab ()
class (FromJSON a) => SystemHook a where
  match   :: String -> (a -> GitLab ()) -> Rule
  matchIf :: String -> (a -> GitLab Bool) -> (a -> GitLab ()) -> Rule

For more details about the file hooks support:

Unsurprisingly, this library is maintained on GitLab: