BSD3 licensed by Anthony Cowley, Stephen Diehl, Moritz Kiefer, Benjamin S. Scarlet
Maintained by Anthony Cowley, Stephen Diehl, Moritz Kiefer

Module documentation for 4.2.0

llvm-hs is a set of Haskell bindings for LLVM Unlike other current Haskell bindings, it uses an ADT to represent LLVM IR (, and so offers two advantages: it handles almost all of the stateful complexities of using the LLVM API to build IR; and it supports moving IR not only from Haskell into LLVM C++ objects, but the other direction - from LLVM C++ into Haskell.


5.1.0 (2017-10-12)


  • Set target options in withTargetMachine. Previously the options passed there were simply ignored.
  • Fix decoding of constant vectors.
  • Fix decoding of function attributes in calls.


  • Support for more target options.
  • Suport string attributes as parameter attributes.
  • Support more calling conventions.
  • Support NoTail TailCallKind.

5.0.0 (2017-09-07)

  • Support for LLVM 5.0

    We only give a summary of the changes affecting the public API of llvm-hs here. Please refer to the official release notes for LLVM 5.0 for an overview of all changes in LLVM 5.0.

    • The X86_64_Win64 calling convention is now called Win64.
    • There is a new Speculatable function attribute.
    • The CrossThread synchronization scope has been removed. There is now a new System synchronization scope.
    • The OrcJIT-API now operates on individual modules instead of sets of modules.
    • The lessPreciseFloatingPointMultiplyAddOption field has been removed from the target options.
    • The compressDebugSections option field is now of type DebugCompressionType instead of Bool.
    • The BasicBlockVectorize pass has been removed. You should use SuperwordLevelParallelismVectorize instead.
  • Throw 'EncodeException' when the type supplied in a 'GlobalReference' does not match the type of the expression.

  • Throw 'EncodeException' when the result of instructions returning void is named using ':='.

4.2.0 (2017-06-20)

  • Revamp OrcJIT API The user facing API is now exposed using LLVM.OrcJIT. All user facing functions have been documented. In addition the bracket-style API, there are now new* and dispose* functions making it easier to ingegrate OrcJIT in custom monad transformer stacks. There is a new CompileLayer typeclass which abstracts over the various compile layers in OrcJIT.
  • Support QuickCheck 2.10

4.1.0 (2017-05-17)

  • Switch most of the API from String to ByteString.
  • Switch from ExceptT to using exceptions. See LLVM.Exception for an overview of the exceptions potentially thrown.


  • Fix linking of system libraries

4.0.0 (initial release, changes in comparison to llvm-general)

  • Move modules from LLVM.General* to LLVM.*
  • Support for LLVM 4.0
  • Improved support for LLVM’s exception handling instructions
  • -fshared-llvm is now supported on windows (thanks to @RyanGLScott)
  • Default to -fshared-llvm
  • Expose LLVM.Internal.* modules.
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