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Bindings to the LLVM compiler toolkit with some custom extensions.

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BSD3 licensed by Bryan O'Sullivan, Lennart Augustsson, Henning Thielemann
Haskell LLVM bindings

This package provides Haskell bindings for the popular LLVM compiler
infrastructure project. If you don't know what LLVM is, the main LLVM
home page is here:


By default, when you run "runghc Setup configure", the Haskell
bindings will be configured to install to /usr/local. The configure
script will look for your LLVM installation in that same directory.

If you have LLVM installed in a different location, e.g. /usr, you can
tell the configure script where to find it as follows:

runghc Setup configure --configure-option=--with-llvm-prefix=/usr

Package status - what to expect

This package is still under development.

The high level bindings are currently incomplete, so there are some
limits on what you can do. Adding new functions is generally easy,
though, so don't be afraid to get your hands dirty.

The high level interface is mostly safe, but the type system cannot
protect against everything that can go wrong, so take care. And, of
course, there's no way to guarantee anything about the generated code.

Jump in and help!

We welcome your comments and contributions. You can send email to us
at <> or <>. If you want to
send patches, please get a copy of the darcs repository:

darcs get

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