Supplemental packages for `logging-effect`.

Version on this page:1.2.2
LTS Haskell 11.22:1.2.2
Stackage Nightly 2018-09-28:2.0.0
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MIT licensed and maintained by Jason Shipman
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logging-effect-extra supplements logging-effect with the following re-exported packages:

  • logging-effect-extra-file - Convenient TH splices for adding file info to log messages
  • logging-effect-extra-handler - Handy logging handler combinators

logging-effect-extra is a “batteries-included” package. Each of the packages above can be used independently or in any combination without depending on logging-effect-extra. For example, if Template Haskell is not acceptable for a project, users can depend on the other logging-effect-extra-* packages excluding logging-effect-extra-file.

This package has no clashing identifiers with logging-effect and it re-exports the entirety of logging-effect, so users have full access to everything in logging-effect and logging-effect-extra via the following single import:

import Control.Monad.Log.Extra


Change log


  • Bumped min version of logging-effect-extra-handler to 1.1.2 (to include its relaxed upper bound on time)


  • Bumped min version of logging-effect-extra-handler to 1.1.1 (to include zero-padded, fixed width update to iso8601PlusHandler)


  • Bumped min version of logging-effect-extra-handler to 1.1.0 (this deprecates dispatchHandler)
  • Updated log-extra example program to use routeHandler instead of dispatchHandler


  • Update README to mention logging-effect-extra-handler


  • Add logging-effect-extra-handler dependency
  • Bump min version of logging-effect-extra-file to 1.1.0
  • Update log-extra example to use logInfoTH instead of deprecated logInformationalTH splice


  • Initial release