BSD-3-Clause licensed by Edward Kmett, Artyom Kazak
Maintained by Steven Fontanella
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Use this package instead of microlens if you don't mind depending on all dependencies here – Lens.Micro.GHC reexports everything from Lens.Micro and additionally provides orphan instances of microlens classes for packages coming with GHC (array, bytestring, containers, transformers).

The minor and major versions of microlens-ghc are incremented whenever the minor and major versions of microlens are incremented, so you can depend on the exact version of microlens-ghc without specifying the version of microlens you need.

This package is a part of the microlens family; see the readme on Github.


  • #171 Support bytestring 0.12.

  • #161 Fix GHC 9.4 warning for using ~ without TypeOperators.


  • New minor release (microlens-

  • New patch release (GHC 9.2.1).


  • New minor release (microlens-


  • Added At and Ixed instances for Set and IntSet (thanks to @wygulmage).

  • No more conditional Safe (see #122).


  • New minor release (microlens-0.4.11).
  • Marked Lens.Micro.GHC.Internal as Trustworthy.


  • New minor release (microlens-0.4.10).

  • Bumped containers version.


  • New minor release (microlens-0.4.9).

  • New minor release (microlens-0.4.8).

  • New minor release (microlens-0.4.7).

  • New minor release (microlens-0.4.6).

  • New minor release (microlens-0.4.5).

  • New minor release (microlens-0.4.4).

  • New minor release (microlens-0.4.3).

  • Added forgotten copyright/authorship information.

  • New minor release (microlens-0.4.2).

  • Added chars, packedBytes, packedChars, unpackedBytes, unpackedChars.
  • Added instances for Strict.
  • New minor release (microlens-0.4.1).

  • New major release (microlens-0.4).

  • New minor release (microlens-0.3.5).

  • Made Lens.Micro.GHC export Lens.Micro (so, now microlens-ghc works like microlens-platform).

  • Added Safe Haskell pragmas.

  • Added instances for Cons and Snoc.

  • Bumped microlens version.

Initial release.