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Basic mime-type handling types and functions


  • Added defaultExtensionMap to provide the inverse of defaultMimeMap.

See PR #930 and #948.

  • Replace audio/x-mpegurl with IANA registered type application/
  • Add TeX-related types; this includes bib, tex, sty, and cls.
  • Use type image/x-xcf for .xcf files.
  • Use type “audio/opus” for .opus files.
  • Add type text/vtt for .vtt text track files.
  • Use IANA registered type “application/vnd.rar” for .rar files.
  • Use font types defined in RFC 8081.
  • Replace audio/x-m4a with audio/mp4.
  • Change mime type for .exe files; use IANA registered type application/
  • Add video/dv for files with extension dv.
  • Use ‘application/xml’ instead of ‘text/xml’.
  • Change type for .pcx files to image/vnd.zbrush.pcx.
  • Use text/markdown type for .md and .markdown files.
  • Replace application/x-gzip with type application/gzip.

See PR #906.

  • Add mjs mime type

  • Add wasm mime type

  • Add support for .less files #534

  • Add woff2 mime type #350