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Reviewed last on 2020-10-14

This library provides functions for working with Redis and JSON-serialized haskell records.

Because JSON encoding is quite lenient for containers (e.g. lists, maps), using Hedis alone makes it easy to accidentally write a record to redis, and only later discover that, when reading, you actually get back a list of that record.

This library helps avoid those problem by levering specific Key-Value mapping that we call an API.

At present this library implements a subset of the available redis commands. If you miss a command please feel free to add it!

How to use me

  1. make a handler

(optional) Set up some environmental variables.

these are the defaults:

REDIS_CLUSTER=0 # 1 is on
REDIS_DEFAULT_EXPIRY_SECONDS=0 # 0 is no expiration
main : IO ()
main =
  -- use nri-env-parser to parse settings from the environment
  settings <- Environment.decode Redis.decoder
  -- get a handler
  Conduit.withAcquire (Redis.handler settings) <| \redisHandler ->
    callSomeRedisFuncs redisHandler
  1. Define a codec type
data Key = Key
  { userId :: Int,
    quizId :: Int

data User =
  User {
    name :: Text,
    favoriteColor :: Text
  deriving (Generic)
-- payload needs this!
instance Aeson.ToJSON User
instance Aeson.FromJSON User

-- using this enforces this key-value mapping
redisApi :: Redis.Api Key User
redisApi =
  Redis.Hash.jsonApi toKey
    toKey :: Key -> Text
    toKey Key {userId, quizId} =
        [ "quiz",
          Text.fromInt userId,
          Text.fromInt quizId,
          "v1" -- good idea to version your keys!
  1. use the codec to read and writee!
_ <- Redis.query handler (Redis.set redisApi (Key 1 2) (User "alice" "orange"))
Redis.query (Redis.get redisApi (Key 1 2))  -- Just (User "alice" "orange")
-- or, perhaps better
[ (Redis.set redisApi (Key 1 2) (User "alice" "orange"))
, (Redis.get redisApi (Key 1 2))
  |> Redis.sequence
  |> Redis.transaction -- Transaction ensures these commands are run together


Your default env variables cause a collision. What do I do?

add a prefix, and use decoderWithEnvVarPrefix instead of decoder


  • Support aeson-2.0.x.

  • Support Hedis version 0.15.

  • Support GHC 9.0.1.

  • First release, but we’ve battle-tested it against significant load for months now! Hope you enjoy