Probabilistic Functional Programming

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BSD3 licensed by Martin Erwig, Steve Kollmansberger
Maintained by Henning Thielemann
Probabilistic Functional Programming in Haskell

Martin Erwig, Oregon State University,

These files have been tested with GHC 6.4

Core Library files:

Show.hs Pretty Printing
Probability.hs Core probabilistic module
Visualize.hs Visualization system for use with R


Barber.hs An example of the queueing system
BayesianNetwork.hs Implementing Bayesian networks
Boys.hs A statistical examples
NBoys.hs A generalized version of the previous
Collection.hs Collections and two examples:
Marbles and cards
Dice.hs Rolling dice
MontyHall.hs The "Monty Hall" Game (statistical)
Predator.hs Non-probabilistic, demonstrates visualization
TreeGrowth.hs A simple tree growth example

Visualize output is placed in the file FuSE.R which can be loaded into the
R statistical program to see visualizations.

Randomized values can be displayed to the console using the printR
function, which shows the value from a IO monad function.

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