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Provides pretty printing of boxes in two dimensions. Rainbox is useful for console programs that need to format tabular data.

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In addition to the Haddock documentation, a tutorial is available in the Rainbox.Tutorial module.


There's nothing unportable in Rainbox; however, it does use Rainbow which is only tested on UNIX-like systems.


You can simply use "cabal test". However, I recommend that you do:

cabal configure --enable-tests
cabal build

The last test, rainbox-visual, relies on you to examine the output and make sure it looks correct.

Tests are also run on Travis:

Build Status

and although you can see the output of rainbox-visual there, it's not formatted quite right on Travis.

At this time, Rainbox is verified to work with GHC versions in the 7.8 series and the 7.10 series.


Rainbox is licensed under the BSD license; please see the LICENSE file.


* rewrote API to use monoids

* update to work with newer version of Rainbow

* lower array dependendy to; this is the version that shipped
with GHC 7.4.1

* update for newer version of rainbow, where each Chunk has a list of Text
rather than a single Text

* test with GHC 7.8.2
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