QuickCheck support for the Tasty test framework. http://documentup.com/feuerbach/tasty

LTS Haskell 9.18:0.8.4
Stackage Nightly 2017-12-15:0.9.1
Latest on Hackage:0.9.1
MIT licensed and maintained by Roman Cheplyaka

Module documentation for 0.8.4

QuickCheck support for the Tasty test framework.



Version 0.9.1

  • Expose internal optionSetToArgs function

Version 0.9

  • Drop support for QuickCheck < 2.7
  • Change the --quickcheck-show-replay semantics

    Previously, when the flag was set to True, the seed was only shown on failure.

    Now, the seed is shown on failure regardless of the value of the flag, and the flag causes the seed to be shown on success.

    The default value for --quickcheck-show-replay is now False.

Version 0.8.4

Add a "--quickcheck-verbose" option


  • Put correct lower version bound on tasty
  • Allow use of older QuickCheck for HP compatibility


When QC message throws an exception, still print the replay message

Version 0.8.3

  • Export 'show replay' option
  • Fixed a run-time error when using QuickCheck's expectFailure

Version 0.8.2

  • Allow suppressing the --quickcheck-replay hint
  • Split the changelog out of the main tasty changelog

Version 0.8.1

Re-export Gen from Test.Tasty.QuickCheck


Upgrade to QuickCheck 2.7

Version 0.8

Update to tasty-0.8

Version 0.3.1

Use the original QuickCheck's output format

Version 0.3

Add options for maximum size and maximum ratio; support replay.

Version 0.2

Re-export useful bits of Test.QuickCheck from Test.Tasty.QuickCheck

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