GPL-3.0-only licensed and maintained by Dimitri Sabadie

Module documentation for 0.6.1

There are no documented modules for this package.

An IRC bot that can be used to create queuing message. It also offers a simple administration IRC bot interface.




  • GHC 8.0.1 support.

  • Support for transformers-0.6 and bifunctors-5.3.

  • Fixed exception reading stream (UTF-8 fail).


  • Fixed IRC colors change in HTML title.


  • Fixed IRC colors change in HTML title.

  • Fixed IRC injection in HTML title.

  • Fixed IRC injection in HTML title.

  • Support for bifunctors-5.1.
  • Fixed whitespaces issues in tellbot.cabal.
  • Fixed useless line in

  • Nicer colors for titles.
  • Fixed title (whitespaces trimming).

Patch changes

  • Added colors!

Patch changes

  • Fixed UTF-8 issues with titles.
  • Fixed looping on failure (uncaught exception).

  • Fixed


  • Dropped errors dependency.

  • fixed HTML entities to correctly decode them
  • removed newlines from title

  • added regex list support to filter trusted hosts

  • added HTML in other-modules (doesn’t compile otherwise)

  • patch for old GHC versions (fixes uses of pure)


  • added an URL parser to detect what it contains


  • dependencies updated.

  • bug fix; tells undeletion has been fixed (sorry for bugging, Den!).

  • bug fix; nickname case sensitivity removed.

  • changed the format of author and maintainer fields in the cabal file;
  • general changelog formating;
  • added the changelog in the cabal file;
  • added source repository information in the cabal file.

  • Notices are now limited to the channel (no need to notice one user).

  • Notices are now available! See the help for further information.

  • Fallback !tell behavior – it was a bad idea; now we can use the command even if the user is there;
  • help in private.

  • Changed credits.

  • It’s now required to set a password when running the bot on a channel; that password will be asked when a user attempts to take control of the bot with !do pwd action parameters; that enables a user to reop, for instance, or make the bot say something, or whatever (!help for further information);
  • Removed the !help output when using !help;
  • Made the bot a bit less rude ;).

  • When a message is recorded for a specific user, the bot now lets you know in private.

  • Tells are now private; the bot still outputs anything else on the channel.

  • It’s now possible to pass the nick of the tellbot on the command line.

  • The bot now only delivers a message at first message after join.

  • The bot rejoins on kick.

  • Added support for IRC server anti-DDoS and netsplit;
  • Fixed issues with privileged folks;
  • The tellbot will not register stories for itself.

  • Fixed flood attempts;
  • Changed !tell behavior; now the tellbot will refuse to record your message(s) if the recipient is already in the same room as you and the tellbot – the recipient has to be out off the room – and it will tell the message(s) when the recipient joins.

  • Initial release.
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