Everything Data.Text related in one package http://github.com/aelve/text-all

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Everything Data.Text-related in one package.

Note: this package follows PVP.


  • Dropped text-show entirely; now show works via Prelude.show, which is slower but avoids a heavy dependency. It is recommended to use text-format, formatting or fmt if fast formatting is needed.

  • Added show and format to Data.Text.Lazy.All.

  • Bumped the text-show upper bound. (text-show added some instances.)

  • Bumped the text-show upper bound.

  • Bumped the text-show upper bound.

  • Replaced functions like strictToBuilder with conversion typeclasses (i.e. now it's just toStrict, toLazy, toBuilder, and toString).

  • Renamed lots of functions, moved some into other modules.

  • Added Builder-related functions.

  • Reexported Buildable.

  • Added the LText type synonym.

  • Made the upper bounds strict.

First release.

Depends on:
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