Random-number generation monad.

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LicenseRef-OtherLicense licensed by Cale Gibbard and others
Maintained by Brent Yorgey
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  • Control
    • Control.Monad
      • Control.Monad.Random
        • Control.Monad.Random.Class

Support for computations which consume random values.

Changes (24 November 2014)

  • Improve documentation: ranges are exclusive at the upper bound

0.3 (4 September 2014)

  • Eta-reduce definition of Rand
  • Remove unnecessary Random a constraint from types of liftRand and liftRandT.

Note that a major version bump is required by the PVP since the types of liftRand and liftRandT have changed, but this release is highly unlikely to break any client code. (24 August 2014)

  • Allow building with both transformers-0.3 and 0.4.

0.2 (20 August 2014)

  • change Rand from a newtype to a type synonym
  • MonadRandom and MonadSplit instances for
    • ExceptT
    • strict variants of StateT and WriterT
    • both lazy and strict variants of RWST
  • remove unneeded RandomGen constraint from MonadState RandT instance

0.1.13 (9 February 2014)

  • add simple ‘uniform’ function for creating a uniform distribution over a list of values

0.1.12 (30 September 2013)

  • add liftRandT and liftRand functions, for lifting explicit generator-passing functions into RandT and Rand, respectively.

0.1.11 (1 August 2013)

  • add MonadRandom and MonadSplit instances for IdentityT
  • derive MonadReader and MonadWriter instances instead of declaring them explicitly (thanks again to James Koppel)

0.1.10 (16 July 2013)

  • add MonadRandom and MonadSplit instances for ContT (thanks to James Koppel for the patch)

0.1.9 (26 April 2013)

  • add MonadRandom and MonadSplit instances for MaybeT