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Maintained by [email protected]
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Module documentation for 0.1.3

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Pixelated Avatar Generator is a Haskell library and application for generating pixelated avatar images from seed values.

import Graphics.Avatars.Pixelated

createAndSaveAvatar :: String -> FilePath -> IO ()
createAndSaveAvatar s path = saveAvatar avatar path
  where avatar = scaleAvatar 32 $ generateAvatar seed
        seed   = createSeed s

Some examples of avatars generated by the library.


Pixelated Avatar Generator is a library which provides functions and data types for generating, altering, and saving pixelated avatars.

For information on how to use the library, see the documentation for the Graphics.Avatars.Pixelated module.


The documentation for the latest release of the library can be found in the library’s Hackage entry.

Documentation of the development versions of the library can be generated by running the following command in the main directory of the project:

$ stack haddock

The generated html documentation can then be found in the following directory:



An executable program for generating avatar image files is also provided. It can generate several avatar images concurrently to given file locations.

The executable can be installed along with the library by running the following command:

$ stack install pixelated-avatar-generator

The executable can then by run by calling it with the desired filepath(s) of the output file(s) including the .png extension.

$ pixelated-avatar-generator image1.png image2.png
Successfully created 2 avatars.

By default, the avatars are at a size of 256x256px. Though the size can be changed by using a custom scaling factor via the --scaling-factor flag.


Usage: pixelated-avatar-generator FILEPATH_1 [FILEPATH_2] [FILEPATH_3] ...

FILEPATH_(1...)   -- The locations to save generated avatars at. "img/test.png"


         Use a custom scaling factor. The scaling factor is multiplied by 8 to
         get the dimensions of the image. For example, a scaling factor of 4
         would yield a 32x32px image. The default scaling factor is 32.


The source code of Pixelated Avatar Generator is available under the MIT license, see LICENSE for more information.




  • Create new executable program.
  • Make several small internal fixes.
  • Add badges for Hackage and Stackage to readme.


  • Add missing test files to Cabal config, to allow tests to pass from Hackage package.


  • Implement saving with different image formats.
  • Add image format conversion functions for PNG, GIF, and TIFF.
  • Change the example image in the readme file.
  • Add a link to the Hackage package to the readme file.
  • Document the process of making a release of the package.
  • Add information on the library to the readme file.
  • Improve the documentation of the library.
  • Improve some of the avatar colors.


  • Implement generation and saving of avatars.
  • Implement avatar upscaling.
  • Create example executable program that makes use of the library.