BSD-3-Clause licensed by Ashley Yakeley
Maintained by <[email protected]>
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A time library


Change Log


  • Fix behaviour of %Q in format


  • Get building on 32 bit machine


  • Added SystemTime
  • Data.Time.Format: allow padding widths in specifiers for formatting (but not parsing)
  • Test: use tasty, general clean-up
  • Test: separate out UNIX-specific tests, so the others can be run on Windows
  • Clean up haddock.


  • Fix bounds issue in .cabal file


  • Data.Time.Clock.TAI: change LeapSecondTable to LeapSecondMap with Maybe type; remove parseTAIUTCDATFile


  • Get building with earlier GHC versions
  • Set lower bound of base correctly



  • FormatTime, ParseTime, Show and Read instances for UniversalTime
  • diffTimeToPicoseconds
  • this change log


  • Use clock_gettime where available
  • Read and Show instances exported in the same module as their types
  • Fixed bug in fromSundayStartWeekValid
  • Parsing functions now reject invalid dates
  • Various documentation fixes