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Darcs is a distributed version control system written in Haskell.

Getting started


Build instructions are available at http://darcs.net/Binaries.


To clone a repository from HTTP and send patches by mail:

$ darcs clone --lazy http://darcs.net
$ (edit files)
$ darcs add (new files)
$ darcs record -m "my changes"
$ darcs send

To clone from SSH and push patches:

$ darcs clone [email protected]:user/repo
$ (edit files)
$ darcs add (new files)
$ darcs record -m "my changes"
$ darcs push

To create a project and start working:

$ darcs init (project)
$ cd (project)
$ (add files)
$ darcs add (files)
$ darcs record -m "initial version"

See http://darcs.net/Using for more information.

Reporting bugs

Please send bug reports to [email protected].


Please consult http://darcs.net/Development/GettingStarted for up-to-date information about contributing to Darcs.

The wiki can be downloaded with the command:

$ darcs clone --lazy http://darcs.net/darcs-wiki