BSD-3-Clause licensed by Roman Leshchinskiy
Maintained by [email protected]
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This package provides various primitive memory-related operations.


Changes in version

  • Add PrimMonad instances for ContT, AccumT, and SelectT from transformers

  • Add Eq, Ord, Show, and IsList instances for ByteArray

  • Add Semigroup instances for Array and SmallArray. This allows primitive to build on GHC 8.4 and later.

Changes in version

  • Drop support for GHCs before 7.4

  • SmallArray support

  • ArrayArray# based support for more efficient arrays of unlifted pointer types

  • Make Array and the like instances of various classes for convenient use

  • Add Prim instances for Ptr and FunPtr

  • Add ioToPrim, stToPrim and unsafe counterparts for situations that would otherwise require type ascriptions on primToPrim

  • Add evalPrim

  • Add PrimBase instance for IdentityT

Changes in version

  • Use more appropriate types in internal memset functions, which prevents overflows/segfaults on 64-bit systems.

  • Fixed a warning on GHC 7.10

  • Worked around a -dcore-lint bug in GHC 7.6/7.7

Changes in version 0.6

  • Split PrimMonad into two classes to allow automatic lifting of primitive operations into monad transformers. The internal operation has moved to the PrimBase class.

  • Fixed the test suite on older GHCs

Changes in version

  • Changed primitive_ to work around an oddity with GHC’s code generation on certain versions that led to side effects not happening when used in conjunction with certain very unsafe IO performers.

  • Allow primitive to build on GHC 7.9

Changes in version

  • Implement cloneArray and cloneMutableArray primitives (with fall-back implementations for GHCs prior to version 7.2.1)

Changes in version

  • Add strict variants of MutVar modification functions atomicModifyMutVar' and modifyMutVar'

  • Fix compilation on Solaris 10 with GNU C 3.4.3

Changes in version

  • Add support for GHC 7.7’s new primitive Bool representation

Changes in version

  • Disable array copying primitives for GHC 7.6.* and earlier

Changes in version 0.5

  • New in Data.Primitive.MutVar: atomicModifyMutVar

  • Efficient block fill operations: setByteArray, setAddr

Changes in version 0.4.1

  • New module Data.Primitive.MutVar

Changes in version

  • Critical bug fix in fillByteArray

Changes in version 0.4

  • Support for GHC 7.2 array copying primitives

  • New in Data.Primitive.ByteArray: copyByteArray, copyMutableByteArray, moveByteArray, fillByteArray

  • Deprecated in Data.Primitive.ByteArray: memcpyByteArray, memcpyByteArray', memmoveByteArray, memsetByteArray

  • New in Data.Primitive.Array: copyArray, copyMutableByteArray

  • New in Data.Primitive.Addr: copyAddr, moveAddr

  • Deprecated in Data.Primitive.Addr: memcpyAddr