MIT licensed by John Millikin
Maintained by Andrey Sverdlichenko
This version can be pinned in stack with:re2-0.3@sha256:1ba00062f64f21635ad4754ed5816660272341d4661d2b521f66355e77f0ba7b,1566

Module documentation for 0.3

re2 is a regular expression library offering predictable run-time and memory consumption. This package is a binding to re2.

Supported expression syntax is documented at

$ ghci -XOverloadedStrings
ghci> import Regex.RE2

ghci> find "\\w+" "hello world"
Just (Match [Just "hello"])

ghci> find "\\w+$" "hello world"
Just (Match [Just "world"])

ghci> find "^\\w+$" "hello world"