Library for creating and modifying zip archives.

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by John MacFarlane
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The zip-archive library provides functions for creating, modifying, and extracting files from zip archives. The zip archive format is documented in

Certain simplifying assumptions are made about the zip archives: in particular, there is no support for strong encryption, zip files that span multiple disks, ZIP64, OS-specific file attributes, or compression methods other than Deflate. However, the library should be able to read the most common zip archives, and the archives it produces should be readable by all standard unzip programs.

Archives are built and extracted in memory, so manipulating large zip files will consume a lot of memory. If you work with large zip files or need features not supported by this library, a better choice may be zip, which uses a memory-efficient streaming approach. However, zip can only read and write archives inside instances of MonadIO, so zip-archive is a better choice if you want to manipulate zip archives in “pure” contexts.

As an example of the use of the library, a standalone zip archiver and extracter is provided in the source distribution.