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Revision history for rhine

The version numbering follows the package dunai. Since rhine reexports modules from dunai, every major version in dunai triggers a major version in rhine.

  • Synced with dunai version numbers
  • Supported GHC 8.6
  • Added support for randomness with RandT in ClSFs

  • Deprecated GHC 7.*
  • Big module reorganisation:
  • Refactored some fixed step clocks
  • Added interpolation buffers

Note that this is the first release that is not in sync with dunai’s version numbers. rhine-0.5 depends on dunai-0.4. – 2017.12.04

  • Documentation typos fixed
  • Added

  • Version bump
  • Documentation typos fixed (Thanks to Gabor Greif)

  • Travis CI support
  • Removed several utilities that are now in dunai
  • Extended averaging functions

  • Added FRP.Rhine.Clock.Realtime.Stdin (console keyboard event clock)
  • Added FRP.Rhine.Clock.Select (event selection clock)
  • Added FRP.Rhine.ClSF.Except (synchronous exception handling)

  • Initial version