Collection of tools for numeric computations

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BSD-2-Clause licensed by Bryan O'Sullivan, Alexey Khudyakov
Maintained by Alexey Khudyakov
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math-functions: collection of tools for numeric computations

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This package provides collection of various tools for numeric computations. Namely:

  • Number pure haskell implementations of special function which are used in statistical and numerical computing.

  • Compensated summation (Kahan summation) which allows to

  • Root finding for functions of single real variable

  • Series summation

  • Functions for comparing IEEE754 numbers

Where possible, we give citations and computational complexity estimates for the algorithms used.

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Please report bugs via the github issue tracker.

Master git mirror:

  • git clone git://

There’s also a Mercurial mirror:

  • hg clone

(You can create and contribute changes using either Mercurial or git.)


This library is written and maintained by Bryan O’Sullivan [email protected] and Aleksey Khudyakov [email protected].


Changes in

  • New implementation for logGamma. Now it’s precise within 2 ulps at full range including zeros at 1 and 2.

  • Bug with precision loss of invErf for parameters near zero is fixed.

  • Fixed loss of precision in bundled erf near zero. (Affect primarily GHCJS)

  • factorial for now uses lookup table

  • logFactorial is optimized a bit (less number of terms is used)

  • m_sqrt_eps constant added.

  • Module Numeric.SpecFunctions.Internal is exposed.

  • Many improvements for test suite. Tables of expected function values are generated with mpmath, error estimates improved. Test suite itself is migrated to tasty from test-framework.

Changes in

  • Fixes build on windows for GHC<8.0

Changes in

  • GHCJS is now supported

  • Flag system-expm1 is set to true by default. Only affects GHC<8.0

Changes in

  • Exported data types for iteration steps in root finding

  • Defaults for root finding algorithm are documented

Changes in

  • Fix license field in cabal file

Changes in

  • Semigroup and Monoid instances added for data types from Numeric.Sum

  • API for finding roots of real functions reworked. 1) All algorithm parameters are now tweakable. 2) Functions for getting list of iterations added.

  • Foldable and Traversable instances for Root were added.

Changes in

  • log1p and expm1 are simply reexported from GHC.Float. They’re methods of Floating type class.

  • On windows expm1 is implemented in pure haskell for older GHCs.

Changes in

  • Bug fixes and documentation tweaks

Changes in

  • logGamma now uses Lancsoz approximation and same as logGammaL. Old implementation of logGamma moved to Numeric.SpecFunctions.Extra.logGammaAS245.

  • Precision of logGamma for z<1 improved.

  • New much more precise implementation for incompleteGamma

  • Dependency on erf package dropped. erf and erfc just do direct calls to C.

  • Numeric.SpecFunctions.expm1 added

  • Numeric.SpecFunctions.log1pmx added.

  • logGammaCorrection exported in Numeric.SpecFunctions.Extra.

  • Module Numeric.Series added for working with infinite sequences, series summation and evaluation of continued fractions.

  • Module statistics: Statistics.Math.RootFinding copied to Numeric.RootFinding. Instances for binary and aeson dropped.

  • Root-finding using Newton-Raphson added

  • Numeric.MathFunctions.Comparison.ulpDelta added. It calculates signed distance between two doubles.

  • Other bug fixes.

Changes in

  • Module statistics: Statistics.Function.Comparison moved to Numeric.MathFunctions.Comparison. Old implementation if within compared negative numbers incorrectly.

  • addUlps and ulpDistance added to Numeric.MathFunctions.Comparison.

  • relativeError and eqRelErr added to Numeric.MathFunctions.Comparison.

  • Precision of logFactorial is slightly improved.

Changes in

  • logChoose added for calculation of logarithm of binomial coefficient

  • chooseExact and logChooseFast added

  • sinc added

Changes in

  • Fix for test suite on 32bit platform

Changes in 0.1.5

  • Numeric.Sum: new module adds accurate floating point summation.

Changes in 0.1.4

  • logFactorial type is genberalized. It accepts any Integral type

  • Evaluation of polynomials using Horner’s method where coefficients are store in lists added

Changes in 0.1.3

  • Error function and its inverse added.

  • Digamma function added

  • Evaluation of polynomials using Horner’s method added.

  • Crash bug in the inverse incomplete beta fixed.