ANSI terminal backend for the »prettyprinter« package.

LTS Haskell 18.4:1.1.2
Stackage Nightly 2021-07-29:1.1.2
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BSD-2-Clause licensed by David Luposchainsky
Maintained by Simon Jakobi, David Luposchainsky <dluposchainsky at google>
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Module documentation for 1.1.2

ANSI terminal prettyprinter renderer

This package defines a renderer for documents generated by the prettyprinter package, suitable for displaying them on ANSI-compatible terminals, including colors, boldening, underlining and italication.

For more information about the prettyprinter in general, refer to the main prettyprinter package documentation.



  • Fix documentation claiming there would be a trailing newline in renderIO when there is none

  • renderIO now renders directly to STDOUT, instead of first building a textual rendering and then printing that to STDOUT.


  • Expose AnsiStyle’s constructors for adaptability


  • Overhauled the API significantly – Styles are now combined using the Semigroup instance from a number of readable primitives.


Fix version shenanigans, since the prerelease was released to Hackage as version 1 already, so uploading the »new« version 1 did not work


Initial release