A configuration language guaranteed to terminate

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BSD3 licensed by Gabriel Gonzalez
Maintained by Gabriel439@gmail.com

Dhall is an explicitly typed configuration language that is not Turing complete. Despite being Turing incomplete, Dhall is a real programming language with a type-checker and evaluator.

Use this library to parse, type-check, evaluate, and pretty-print the Dhall configuration language. This package also includes an executable which type-checks a Dhall file and reduces the file to a fully evaluated normal form.

Read Dhall.Tutorial to learn how to use this library



  • BREAKING CHANGE: Non-empty lists no longer require a type annotation
    • This is a breaking change to the Haskell library, not the Dhall language
    • This change does not break existing Dhall programs
    • The Expr type was modified in a non-backwards-compatible way
  • Add new exprA parser
  • Add new InvalidType exception if input fails on an invalid Type
  • Improve documentation and tutorial


  • Add support for Nix-style "double single-quote" multi-line string literals
  • Add isNormalized
  • Improve documentation and tutorial
  • Build against wider range of http-client versions


  • Initial release


  • Accidental premature upload to Hackage. This release was blacklisted
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