BSD-3-Clause licensed by Max Bolingbroke, Neil Mitchell, Bulat Ziganshin
Maintained by Max Bolingbroke

Module documentation for 0.3.3

This version can be pinned in stack with:parallel-io-0.3.3@sha256:d51f902591a4e5009785217e21b1a5650d3d80fb6dc52535eddf2270a2fdef55,3421

This package provides combinators for sequencing IO actions onto a thread pool. The thread pool is guaranteed to contain no more unblocked threads than a user-specified upper limit, thus minimizing contention.

Furthermore, the parallel combinators can be used reentrantly - your parallel actions can spawn more parallel actions - without violating this property of the thread pool.

The package is inspired by the thread Thanks to Neil Mitchell and Bulat Ziganshin for some of the code this package is based on.