Send HTML formatted emails using Amazon's SES REST API with blaze

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Send blaze-html emails via the AWS SES API using http-streams


{-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-}
{-# LANGUAGE LambdaCase #-}

module Main where

import Network.SES ( sendEmailBlaze
                   , PublicKey(..)
                   , SecretKey(..)
                   , SESResult(..)
                   , SESError
                   , Region(USEast1)

import qualified Text.Blaze.Html5 as H
import qualified Text.Blaze.Html5.Attributes as A

main :: IO ()
main = sendMail >>= \case
         Error _ -> putStrLn "There was an error :("
         Success -> putStrLn "Email sent successfully!"

sendMail :: IO SESREsult
sendMail = sendEmailBlaze publicKey secretKey region from to subject html
   publicKey = PublicKey "public key goes here"
   secretKey = SecretKey "secret key goes here"
   region    = USEast1
   from    = "[email protected]"
   to      = ["[email protected]"]
   subject = "Test Subject"
   html = H.html $ do
            H.body $ do
               H.img H.! A.src ""
               H.h1 "Html email! Hooray"