BSD-3-Clause licensed by John Goerzen, Nicolas Wu
Maintained by Nicolas Wu
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Welcome to HDBC, Haskell Database Connectivity.

HDBC is modeled loosely on Perl’s DBI interface, though it has also been influenced by Python’s DB-API v2, JDBC in Java, and HSQL in Haskell.

Please see the HDBC wiki for an introduction to HDBC and its various features.


You’ll need either GHC 6.4.1 or above, or Hugs 2005xx or above.

The steps to install are:

ghc --make -o setup Setup.lhs
./setup configure
./setup build
sudo ./setup install

If you’re on Windows, you can omit the leading “./”.


To use with hugs, you’ll want to use hugs -98.

To use with GHC, you’ll want to use -package HDBC in your programs. Or, with Cabal, use Build-Depends: HDBC.



  • Zero-prefix years when parsing dates.

  • Compatibility with GHC 8.8/time 1.9

  • Compatibility with GHC 8.2/time 1.8

  • Compatibility with time 1.5.
  • Minor documentation fixes.