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Module documentation for 0.4.3


Send mime-mail messages via Amazon SES


The build target mime-mail-ses:exe:send-aws is a command line executable that allows you to send an e-mail via Amazon SES. Most parameters are supplied through command line options; the AWS secret key and the body of the message are read from standard input.


% cabal run :send-aws -- \
    --subject 'Checking if AWS works.' \
    --from 'your e-mail address' \
    --to 'your e-mail address' \
    --key 'your key ID' \
    --region 'us-east-2'
Up to date
Enter AWS secret: your secret key
Enter message below.
This is a test letter sent from command line.



  • Add function ‘sendMailSESWithResponse’.


  • Add executable send-aws for sending e-mails via Amazon SES from command line.
  • Update Signature Version for Amazon SES from 3 to 4.


  • Add ‘renderSendMailSESGlobal’ and ‘sendMailSESGlobal’ function which uses the global manager.

  • Support IAM temp credentials. This is a backwards-incompatible change that adds a field to the SES type to represent (optional) session tokens when using roles attached to EC2 instances.
  • Make fields in the SES data type strict to promote warnings to errors.

http-client 0.5 support

time 1.5 support


Expose SESException datatype and constructor.