BSD-3-Clause licensed by Christopher Kuklewicz
Maintained by Herbert Valerio Riedel, Andreas Abel
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regex-base Hackage version Haskell-CI License

Common interface to several Haskell implementations of regular expressions.

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2021-11-16 Andreas Abel

  • Allow text-2.0
  • Remove unused dependency mtl
  • Warning free up to GHC 9.2
  • Tested with GHC 7.0 - 9.2 Revision 1

2021-08-12 Andreas Abel

  • Allow base-4.16, for GHC 9.2

2021-02-20 Andreas Abel

  • Workaround for {-# LANGUAGE Haskell2010 #-} parser regression introduced in GHC 9.0
  • Optimization flag -O2 has been removed

2019-09-25 Herbert Valerio Riedel

  • Breaking change: Switch RegExp API from the previously used Monad(fail) to MonadFail(fail) to denote matching failures
  • Define Extract Text instances for strict and lazy Text types
  • Compatibility with base-4.13.0
  • Explicitly declare all modules Safe under SafeHaskell for GHC 7.4 and higher