Import/export of Image files into massiv Arrays

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Alexey Kuleshevich
Maintained by [email protected]
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massiv-io is a package that brings together JuicyPixels, Netpbm, Color and massiv in order to easily read, write and convert images in various formats and color spaces.


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  • Reexport Default class.
  • Add support for massiv-0.6
  • Expose Encode and Decode cosntructors
  • Add encodeAdhocM and decodeAdhocM
  • Add writableAdhoc and readableAdhoc
  • Add displayImageUsingAdhoc
  • Add coerceBinaryImage
  • Add instance for writing binary images: Image S X Bit without conversions.
  • Add selectFileFormat


  • Adjust insatnces to account for changes in Color-0.3.0, namely improvements to Luma (Y') and Y'CBCr color spaces.


  • Support for Color-0.2.0, in particular addition of Linearity kind to RGB color spaces. Pixels are re-exported from massiv-io, hence it is a breaking change.


  • Move the package into it’s own repository: lehins/massiv-io
  • Addition of instances for GIF sequences in RGB with Alpha and instanced with GifDisposalMethod
  • Addition of conversion functions: demoteLumaImage, promoteLumaImage, demoteLumaAlphaImage, promoteLumaAlphaImage
  • Instances for reading and writing images in Luma: Y' and Y'A


  • Switch to MonadIO
  • Write files with durability and atomicity guarantees
  • Switch to encodeM and decodeM, as well as corresponding encodeImageM and decodeImageM
  • Addition of decodeWithMetadataM
  • Addition of ConvertError, DecodeError and EncodeError.
  • Got rid of ReadOptions
  • Switch to Color package for pixels and color space coversion


  • Fix HDR decoding, i.e. .hdr and .pic file reading.


  • Fix reading images that have more than 8bit per channel: #85


  • Fix compatibility with JuicyPixels >= 3.3.0
  • Add Traversable instances for all Pixel types.
  • Derive a few more instances for X and Y pixels.
  • Drop dependency on data-default in favor of data-default-class


  • Made it compatible with new massiv >= 0.3 as well as the old ones.


  • All decoded images will be read in sequentially, but will have default computation set to Par.


  • Fixed wrongful export of Bit constructor.
  • Added export of fromDynamicImage and fromAnyDynamicImage


  • Fixed #22 - Invalid guard against image size
  • Made sure format is inferred from all supported file extensions for auto decoding.


  • Exposed Elevator internal functions.
  • Deprecate ColorSpace specific functions (liftPx, foldlPx, etc.) in favor of Functor, Applicative and Foldable.


  • Addition of Ord instances to Pixels.


  • Initial Release