Massiv (Массив) is an Array Library.

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Alexey Kuleshevich
Maintained by [email protected]
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Efficient Haskell Arrays featuring Parallel computation

There is a decent introduction to the library with some examples in the main README on github.

See massiv-io for ability to read/write images.



  • Addition of withLoadMArray_, withLoadMArrayS, withLoadMArrayS_, withLoadMArrayST, withLoadMArrayST_
  • Addition of replaceSlice and replaceOuterSlice
  • Addition of quicksortBy, quicksortByM and quicksortByM_
  • Fix performance regression for quicksort and quicksortM_ introduced in previous release.


  • Fix semantics of Applicative, Num and Fractional instance for D arrays: mismatched sizes will throw an error.
  • 20% speed improvement of matrix multiplication: multiplyMatrices, .><. and !><!. Type signature has changed to Mutable for both arguments, thus it’s a breaking change.
  • Switch ><. and ><! from returning a delayed array to mutable, since that’s what multiplyVectorByMatrix returns.
  • Addition of synonym HighIxN and removing redundant 1 <= n constraint.
  • Deprecating makeStencilDef, unsafeMapStencil and fix dangers of invalid stencils reading out of bounds. Get rid of Value. Fix for #109.
  • Addition of appComp
  • Addition of mkSzM
  • Addition of SizeOverflowException and SizeNegativeException
  • Fix setting computation for boxed vector when converted with fromVectorM and fromVector'
  • Add computation strategy argument to fromUnboxedVector, just so it matches other vector conversion functions.
  • Removed defaultElement
  • Removed deprecated functions: #>, |*|, multiplyTransposed, fromIntegerA, fromRationalA, piA
  • Addition of BL representation and related functionality, fix for #111.
    • Addition of functions: wrapLazyArray, unwrapLazyArray, toLazyArray, evalLazyArray, forceLazyArray, unwrapMutableLazyArray, fromBoxedVector, fromBoxedMVector.
    • Rename:
      • unsafeNormalBoxedArray -> coerceNormalBoxedArray
      • unsafeBoxedArray -> coerceBoxedArray
    • Remove unsafeFromBoxedVector
    • Conversion from vector with castFromVector will return BL representation for boxed vector
    • Change type B -> BL for functions: toBoxedVector and toBoxedMVector
  • Rename N -> BN and add backwards compatibility shim.
  • Make replicate a function in Construct class
  • Add newMArray, newMArray' and deprecate new
  • Add custom implementation for <$ in Functor instances for BL and B.


  • Add mallocCompute, mallocCopy and unsafeMallocMArray
  • Fix .><., ><. and .>< on empty matrices. Result is now guaranteed to be empty too.
  • Add unwrapByteArrayOffset and unwrapMutableByteArrayOffset
  • Add fromByteArrayOffsetM and fromMutableByteArrayOffsetM


  • Improve loading of push arrays by adding loadArrayWithSetM and deprecating defaultElement.


  • Improve performance of ><. and ><! while making their constraints a bit more relaxed.
  • Expose unsafeLoadIntoM and unsafeLoadIntoS
  • Expose eqArrays and compareArrays
  • Add multiplyMatrixByVector and multiplyVectorByMatrix


  • Fix (-.) (it was incorrectly implemented as a flip of (.-)
  • Addition of numeric functions:
    • Partial: !+!, !-!, !*!, !/!
    • Reciprocal division /.
    • More efficient matrix-matrix multiplication: .><. and !><! (also helpers multiplyMatrices and multiplyMatricesTransposed)
    • More efficient matrix-vector multiplication: .>< and !><
    • New vector-matrix multiplication: ><. and ><!
    • Dot product dotM and !.!
    • Norm normL2
  • Deprecated |*| and #>


  • Add takeWhile, dropWhile and findIndex
  • Improve performance of any, and, or, all
  • Add elem


  • Addition of unsafeTransformStencil
  • Add zip4, unzip4, zipWith4 and izipWith4
  • Make Resize a superclass of Source
  • Addition of outerSlices, innerSlices, withinSlices and withinSlicesM
  • Addition of stackSlicesM, stackOuterSlicesM and stackInnerSlicesM
  • Addition of computeP
  • Fix perfomrmance issue of folding functions applied to arrays with Seq computation strategy.


  • Fix tanA and tanhA. #96
  • Relax argument of snoc and cons constraint to Load vectors
  • Improve unsnocM and unconsM by switching to unsafeLinearSlice, instead of delaying the array.
  • Fix parallelization for windowed array when computed with stride
  • Fix massiv doctests not being able to find massiv.h under NixOS


  • Addition of lowerTriangular and upperTriangular
  • Relax identityMatrix type to return an array of any Num type, not just Int.
  • Addition of unsafeMakeLoadArrayAdjusted
  • Add matrix-vector product ((#>))
  • Addition of siterate


  • Fix sfromListN accepting a plain Int instead of Sz1, as well as switch to upper bound.
  • Fix order of argumetns in iforM
  • Restrict szip*, szipWith* and sizipWith* functions to flat vectors.
  • Addition of unsafeSUnfoldrN, unsafeSUnfoldrNM and unsafeSFromListN
  • Fix sunfoldrN, sunfoldrNM and sfromListN to not trust the supplied size.
  • Move isEmpty into Load class
  • Add isNotEmpty


  • Remove Show instance from Value.
  • Addition of unsafeCreateArray, unsafeCreateArray_ and unsafeCreateArrayS
  • Remove Comp argument from functions that ignore it and set it to Seq:
    • createArrayS_, createArrayS, createArrayST_, createArrayST
    • unfoldrPrimM_, iunfoldrPrimM_, unfoldrPrimM, iunfoldrPrimM
    • unfoldlPrimM_, iunfoldlPrimM_, unfoldlPrimM, iunfoldlPrimM
  • Addition of fromStorableVector and fromStorableMVector
  • Modify toMutableByteArray to produce a copy if dealing with slice.
  • Addition of toByteArrayM, toMutableByteArrayM
  • Change replicate to produce delayed load array DL
  • Export unsafe stencil functions from Data.Array.Massiv.Unsafe, rather than from Data.Massiv.Array.Stencil.Unsafe.
  • Implement unsafeMapStencil and deprecate mapStencilUnsafe and forStencilUnsafe
  • Addition of castToBuilder
  • Addition of conversion functions:
    • unwrapNormalForm and evalNormalForm
    • toBoxedVector, toBoxedMVector, evalBoxedVector and evalBoxedMVector
    • unwrapByteArray and unwrapMutableByteArray
    • toPrimitiveVector, toPrimitiveMVector, fromPrimitiveVector and fromPrimitiveMVector
    • toStorableVector, toStorableMVector, fromStorableVector and fromStorableMVector
    • fromUnboxedVector and fromUnboxedMVector
    • unsafeBoxedArray, unsafeNormalBoxedArray, unsafeFromBoxedVector
  • Removed deprecated traverseAR, itraverseAR, traversePrimR and itraversePrimR
  • Removed: imapMR, imapMR, iforMR, and iforMR
  • Renamed:
    • withMArray to withMArray_,
    • withMArrayS to withMArrayS_ and
    • withMArrayST to withMArrayST_
  • Added versions that keep the artifact of mutable action: withMArray, withMArrayS, withMArrayST.


  • Addition of computeIO and computePrimM
  • Addition of makeArrayLinearA
  • Addition of traverseS
  • Fix regression in performance introduced in massiv-0.4.0


  • Addition of appendOuterM and concatOuterM
  • Addition of zoom
  • Addition of write_, modify_ and swap_


  • Addition of catMaybesS and tally


  • Addition of applyStencil and Padding with helper functions noPadding and samePadding.
  • Addition of foldlStencil, foldrStencil and monoidal foldStencil.
  • Addition of common generic stencils: sumStencil, productStencil, avgStencil, maxStencil, minStencil and idStencil.
  • Addition of mapStencilUnsafe for the brave.
  • Improve compile time error reporting for invalid dimensions.
  • Fix incorrect loading of DW arrays of dimension higher than 3
  • Addition of foldOuterSlice, ifoldOuterSlice, foldInnerSlice and ifoldInnerSlice. Fix for #56


  • Fix loading empty DS stream arrays of unknown size. Fix for #83.


  • Introduction of Stream and DS representation:
    • filterS, filterM, ifilterS, ifilterM
    • mapMaybeS, mapMaybeM, imapMaybeS, imapMaybeM
    • unfoldr, unfoldrN
    • takeS and dropS
  • Deprecated traverseAR, itraverseAR, traversePrimR, itraversePrimR (not feasible to keep duplicate functions just for representation, TypeApplications or ScopedVariables should be used instead.)
  • Fix performance issue with copying of unboxed arrays and initialization of storable array.
  • Addition of unsafeLoadIntoS, unsafeLoadInto and maxSize
  • Addition of reverse, reverse' and reverseM
  • Addition of modifyDimension, modifyDimM, and modifyDim'


  • Made Construct a super class of Mutable
  • Reimplement a safe version of makeLoadArray, that is parallelizable.
  • Switch from EltRepr r ix to much simpler R r
  • Remove Construct instance for M representation.
  • unsafeLinearSet - length argument now accepts Sz1 instead of an Int
  • Renamed:
    • forPrimM_ -> forPrimM
    • iforPrimM_ -> iforPrimM
    • iforLinearPrimM_ -> iforLinearPrimM
  • Introduced new functions that do not mutate the original array: forPrimM_, iforPrimM_ and iforLinearPrimM_
  • Addition of readM, writeM, modifyM, swapM, modifyM_, swapM_
  • Add an orphan instance of MonadThrow for ST monad for older versions of exceptions. See ekmett/exceptions#72
  • Deprecation of read', write' modify' and swap'
  • Make modify accept a monadic action, rather than a pure function. Also now it returns the old element.
  • Make swap return the swapped elements.
  • Addition of unsafeLinearSwap and unsafeSwap
  • Expose unsafeLinearModify and unsafeModify
  • Expose Data.Massiv.Core.List
  • Expose indexWith, so macro INDEX_CHECK from massiv.h could be used outside massiv.
  • Addition of liftSz
  • Fixed expand* functions by making them accept Sz1 instead of an Int
  • Addition of expandWithinM
  • Bunch of minor fixes to Show instances
  • Extracted test-suite into it’s own package.
  • Stop accepting computation strategy for all functions that can be performed sequentially only:
    • iterateN
    • iiterateN
    • unfoldrS_
    • iunfoldrS_
    • unfoldlS_
    • iunfoldlS_
    • makeArrayA
    • makeArrayAR
    • generateArrayLinearS
    • generateArrayS
  • Redefined most of the numeric operators with Numeric and NumericFloat. Will be required for SIMD operations.
  • Num, Fractional and Applicative for D changed behavior: instead of treating singleton as a special array of any size it is treated as singleton.


  • Addition of unsafeArrayLinearCopy, unsafeLinearCopy, unsafeLinearShrink, unsafeLinearGrow
  • Implementation of iterateUntil and iterateUntilM
  • identityMatrix - generation of identity matrix


  • Fix and export guardNumberOfElements
  • Eq instances for IndexException and SizeException
  • Fix upsample implementation and improve its performance.
  • Addition of deleteRegionM, deleteRowsM and deleteColumnsM


  • Use the the new stateful workers feature of scheduler-1.4.0
  • Addition of:
    • randomArrayS
    • randomArrayWS
    • generateArrayWS
    • generateArrayLinearWS
    • mapWS, forWS, imapWS and iforWS
    • and splitLinearlyWithStatefulM_


  • Fix type signature for createArray.
  • Support for new version of scheduler
  • Addition of randomArray

  • Fix sqrtA function: #76


  • Exported withMArrayS
  • Switch to pure exception throwing for read', write', modify' and swap'. MonadThrow constraint prevented those functions to be used in ST monad.
  • Addition of quicksort, quicksortM_, unstablePartitionRegionM and unsafeUnstablePartitionRegionM


  • Addition of rangeStepInclusive'
  • Addition of flatten
  • makeLoadArray has been deprecated into unsafeMakeLoadArray.
  • A new safe makeLoadArrayS has been added.
  • Fix infix 4 for (...) and (..:) range functions, so they can be easily composed with numeric operations
  • Addition of imapSchedulerM_ and iforSchedulerM_


  • Class hierarchy an associated methods:
    • getComp moved from Construct to Load
    • Size class lost array value parameter e. unsafeResize and unsafeExtract became their own classes
  • New classes:
    • Resize with unsafeResize from old Size, except with array type parameter for applicability to mutable MArrays
    • Extract with unsafeExtract from old Size
    • StrideLoad, child of Load
  • ifoldlIO and related no longer take list of capabilities, but instead respect the inner computation strategy. For that reason these folds have been removed: foldlOnP, ifoldlOnP, foldrOnP, ifoldrOnP
  • fold now is just like the one from Data.Foldable takes no arguments and requires elements to be a monoid
  • singleton does not accept computation strategy any more and creates Seq array by default
  • New function empty.
  • Ragged functions are no longer exported, until the interface stabilizes and proper implementation of ragged arrays is in place.
  • Partial functions read', write' and swap' now live in IO and throw proper exceptions.
  • loadArray is renamed to loadArrayM and there is a new separate function (not part of Load class) with the name loadArray that actually uses loadArrayM
  • Moved unsafeWithPtr into Data.Massiv.Array.Unsafe
  • Addition of:
    • unsafeArrayToForeignPtr,
    • unsafeMArrayToForeignPtr,
    • unsafeArrayFromForeignPtr,
    • unsafeArrayFromForeignPtr0,
    • unsafeMArrayFromForeignPtr,
    • unsafeMArrayFromForeignPtr0
  • Addition of castToByteString, castFromByteString
  • Addition of makeUnsafeStencil
  • Window now has an windowUnrollIx2 field.
  • Addition of insertWindow and dropWindow

  • Fix sqrtA function. Backport of #76


  • Fixed a problem where convolution stencil size was not inverted, causing out of bounds memory read: #72
  • Fixed an issue with windowed array where a stencil size is smaller than the array it is applied to
  • Fixed incorrect cross-correlation stencil construction


  • Fixed a serious performance regression in Stencil’s Functor instance, which was introduced in version 0.2.3
  • Added type and pattern synonyms Sz for future compatibility with version 0.3. Could be useful for migration.


  • Add expand* family of functions.
  • Long awaited makeArrayM/makeArrayA and mapM/forM/imapM/iforM/traverseA/itraverseA alnog with corresponding functions allowing for supplying representation.
  • Deprecate mapP and mapP_ in favor of mapIO and mapIO_, while making latter respect the Comp.
  • Addition of a whole collection of mutable operators:
    • mapIO/mapIO_/imapIO/imapIO_/forIO/forIO_/iforIO/iforIO_
    • createArray/createArrayST/createArrayST_
    • generateArray/generateArrayIO
    • unfoldlPrim/unfoldlPrim_
    • makeArrayA, makeArrayAR
  • Addition of cute synonyms: (...) and (..:)


  • Fix for insertDimension #62

  • Fix a bug in zip functions, where resulting array size would not take into account the size of one of the input arrays.


  • Addition of inner folds: ifoldlInner, foldlInner, ifoldrInner and foldrInner
  • Addition of functions that can fold over any dimension (foldlWithin, foldlWithin', etc.)
  • Addition of ifoldMono and ifoldSemi, thus fixing: #54
  • Improvement over manipulating index dimensions with addition of type level Dimension n data type and functions like getDimension, dropDimension.
  • Addition of insertDim and type level insertDimension as well as pullOutDim and pullOutDimension
  • Add partial extractFromTo'


  • Addition of Profunctor functions for Stencil: lmapStencil, rmapStencil and bimapStencil
  • Addition of integration approximation: Data.Massiv.Array.Numeric.Integral
  • Removed overlapping instances for DW in favor of concrete instances.
  • Relaxed contraint restrictions on matrix multiplication (|*|) and slightly improved performance with rewrite rules to avoid double transform.


  • Addition of withMArray, withMArrayST.
  • Improved preformance of matrix multiplication


  • Addition of Stride and related functions computeWithStride and computeWithStrideAs.

  • Addition of Window

  • Addition of loadArray adn loadArrayWithStride with default implementations that will become new loading functions in a subsequent release. loadArray will replace loadS and loadP, which will be deprecated in the next release and removed in the next major release. Some of this is discussed in #41

  • Addition of various conversion functions:

    • fromByteString, toByteString and toBuilder
    • unwrapArray, evalArray, unwrapMutableArray, evalMutableArray
    • unwrapNormalFormArray, evalNormalFormArray, unwrapNormalFormMutableArray, evalNormalFormMutableArray
  • Fix: Eq instance for Array M ix e


  • Fixed type signatures for convertAs and convertProxy
  • Added type constructors for DW and DI
  • Show instance for DW arrays.
  • Addition of unsafeBackpermuteDW.
  • Breaking changes:
    • Create new Data.Massiv.Array.Stencil.Unsafe module and move forStencilUnsafe into it.
    • Rename of rank -> dimensions #25
      • Removal Eq and Ord instances for Value #19
      • Move border resolution to mapStencil from makeStencil.
    • Updated iterators iterM, iterM_, etc. to have a separate step per dimension.


  • Semigroup and Monoid instance for Value.
  • Addition of forStencilUnsafe.
  • Fix minimum behaving as maximum.
  • Addition of foldSemi.


  • Fix inverted stencil index calculation #12
  • Add support for cross-correlation.


  • Addition of Monoidal folding foldMono.
  • Expose liftArray2.


  • Addition of withPtr and unsafeWithPtr for Storable arrays
  • Addition of computeInto.
  • Exposed makeWindowedArray.


  • Support for GHC-8.4 - instance of Comp for Semigroup
  • Brought back support for GHC-7.10


  • Addition of experimental mapM, imapM, forM, iforM, generateM and generateLinearM functions. Fixes #5
  • Addition of Ord instances for some array representations.


  • Initial Release