Types and functions to manipulate the Nixpkgs distribution


Version on this page:1.6.2
LTS Haskell 19.27:1.6.2
Stackage Nightly 2022-10-06:1.7.0
Latest on Hackage:1.7.0

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Peter Simons
Maintained by sternenseemann
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Revision history for distribution-nixpkgs


  • Expect MonadFailDesugaring (or equivalent behavior) to be the default, requiring GHC >= 8.6.1. Adds support for GHC 9.2.1 (rc1).


  • Distribution.Nixpkgs.Meta: support aarch64-darwin
    • Render Platform AArch64 OSX to "aarch64-darwin"
    • Add Platform AArch64 OSX to allKnownPlatforms


  • Distribution.Nixpkgs.PackageMap
    • readNixpkgPackageMap: instead of a list of arguments to pass to nix-env, take path to nixpkgs and an optional nix expression to pass to it as arguments.
    • readNixpkgPackageMap: populate PackageMap with all attribute paths that point to derivations instead of just one per derivation. This fixes resolve not finding certain identifiers if there were two attributes pointing to the same derivation in nixpkgs. See also #9.