MIT licensed by Daniel Winograd-Cort, Matthew Farkas-Dyck
Maintained by [email protected]
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Row-types is a library of open records and variants for Haskell using closed type families and type literals (among other things…). See examples/Examples.lhs for a literate Haskell file that functions as an overview of how this library can be used, and check out the website for further examples.

Available on Hackage.

This work is a branch from CTRex [1,2] with other inspiration from data-diverse [3]. My thanks to the authors and contributors of those libraries!


Changes [2021-09-10]

  • Update Stack to use GHC 8.10.7
  • Fix a few warnings
  • Minor updates to support GHC 9.0.1 [2021-09-09]

  • Improved type checking performance on Diff and Merge (Thanks ak3n!) [2021-05-06]

  • Fixed a critical bug in certain values in Dictionaries that could cause segfaults.
  • Reimplemented and simplified Subset.
  • Adjusted basic type families to better handle simple cases (affected families are .\, Extend, .+, .\/, .//).
  • Export mapSingleA in Data.Row.Variants.
  • Improved kind polymorphism and simplify a few constraints (Thanks Strake!).
  • Improved type checking performance (Thanks UlfNorell!) [2020-09-12]

This release has many breaking changes, specifically to metamorph and some functions related to Variant, hence the major version bump to 1.0. However, users that only use basic features of records may not notice a difference.

  • Removed metamorph' and biMetamorph' in favor of generalizing metamorph over choice of bifunctor.
  • Removed “unsafe” functions (unsafeRemove and unsafeInjectFront from Records and unsafeMarkVar and unsafeInjectFront from Variants).
  • Removed Switch class, reimplementing the switch function using BiForall.
  • Swap the order of the result of calling trial, multiTrial, and split.
  • Added new functions to Records: lazyRemove, curryRec, (.$), zipTransform, zipTransform', traverse, traverseMap, distribute, and coerceRec.
  • Added new functions to Variants: fromLabelsMap, traverse, traverseMap, and coerceVar.
  • Added Dictionaries module, full of axioms that are helpful for using metamorph. Moved axioms from Internal to Dictionaries (in some cases, the type variable order has changed).
  • Added ApSingle type family as well as eraseSingle, mapSingle, and eraseZipSingle (thanks Jordan Woehr!).
  • Improved error messages.

Note: GHC 8.4 and earlier are no longer officially supported in row-types [2020-05-20]

  • Renamed toNative to toNativeGeneral and toNativeExact to toNative for records and likewise for fromNative for variants.
  • Added a type family NativeRow which, when given any generic type that can go through fromNative, is equal to the row-type of the resulting record/variant. Note that NativeRow is defined separately (and differently!) for records vs variants, so it is exported at the Data.Row.Records/Variants level but not at Data.Row.
  • Added coerceRec and coerceVar to coerce the row-types of records and variants respectively.
  • Exposed BiForall in Data.Row, Data.Row.Records, and Data.Row.Variants
  • (Internal) Rewrote internal Generic code to use an associated type family instead of a standalone one.

Note: GHC 8.2 and earlier are no longer officially supported in row-types [2020-01-29]

  • Added “native” classes as exports for Records and Variants (e.g., ToNative, FromNative)
  • Added more example hs files. [2019-05-28]

  • Added HasField and AsConstructor instances (from generic-lens) for Rec and Var respectively.
  • Added record-overwrite function .//.
  • Added Generic instances for Rec and Var.
  • Added mapHas entailment connecting Map f r .! l to r .! l.
  • Changed Forall2 to BiForall.
    • Added BiConstraint type class for use with BiForall.
  • Added Ap type family that functions as ap over rows using zipping.
    • Added mapF to map a function over a record with an Ap row.
  • Added toDynamicMap and fromDynamicMap as functions to convert between Recs and HashMap Text Dynamics.
  • Added toNativeExact to convert a Rec to a native Haskell type without losing any fields.
  • Added toNative, fromNative, and fromNativeExact for Vars.
  • Added unSingleton for Vars.
    • Removed unSingleton from Data.Row export list.
  • Tightened the type signatures of focus (for both Rec and Var) to improve type inference when using focus in lens-like situations. [2018-07-11]

  • Fix a bug in the Show instance for Rec. [2018-07-02]

  • Update the Show instance for Rec to render valid code.
  • Add toNative and fromNative functions for records to easily convert between Haskell records and row-types records.
  • Make type families in Data.Row.Internal polykinded (Thanks James Yu!) [2018-03-20]

  • Bug Fix: The type of update for both Rec and Var now enforce the newly inserted type is correct.
  • New: Add restrict and split for Vars.
    • Removed restrict from Data.Row export list.
  • New: Added support for universally quantified rows: mapForall and uniqueMap.
  • Added very simple test suite. [2018-02-12]

  • Initial Release