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Changelog for sandwich-webdriver


  • When autodetecting Chrome, look for google-chrome-stable as well as google-chrome. (It’s found on NixOS.)
  • Be able to detect chrome/chromedriver for versions >= 115, with the new Google JSON API.

  • Fix browser path calculation in addCommandLineOptionsToWdOptions.

  • Fix the obtainChromeDriver function now that the zip files contain multiple files. This added a MonadMask constraint to the function so it’s a major version bump.

  • Be able to control download directory.
  • Add flags to control Selenium paths: --selenium-jar, --chrome-binary, --chromedriver-binary, --firefox-binary, --geckodriver-binary.

  • Windows support.

  • Remove X11 dependency and replace with per-platform code to get screen resolution.

  • Getting documentation sorted out.