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The goal of lens-aeson is to provide traversals and prisms for the Aeson library’s Value type, while obeying the Traversal/Prism laws.

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-Edward Kmett


1.2.3 [2023.06.27]

  • Use aeson’s decode function in the AsJSON instance for ByteStrings. This allows removing a direct dependency on attoparsec.
  • Allow building with aeson-2.2.

1.2.2 [2022.08.11]

  • Add atKey :: AsValue t => Key -> Traversal' t (Maybe Value), a variant of key that uses at instead of ix.

1.2.1 [2022.05.07]

  • Change the IsKey instances for ByteStrings to use decodeUtf8With lenientDecode instead of decodeUtf8. While these IsKey instances are meant to used for interoperability with aeson values that are UTF-8–encoded, using decodeUtf8With lenientDecode at least ensures that converting a non–UTF-8–encoded ByteString will not crash.

1.2 [2022.03.19]

  • Require aeson-2.0.2.* and lens-5.0.* or greater.

  • Change the types of _Object, key, and members:

    -_Object :: Prism' t (HashMap Text Value)
    +_Object :: Prism' t (KeyMap Value)
    -key :: AsValue t => Text -> Traversal' t Value
    +key :: AsValue t => Key  -> Traversal' t Value
    -members :: AsValue t => IndexedTraversal' Text t Value
    +members :: AsValue t => IndexedTraversal' Key  t Value

    This mirrors similar changes made in aeson-2.0.*, where the type of Object’s field was changed from HashMap Text Value to KeyMap Value.

    The Ixed Value instance changes similarly:

    -type instance Index Value = Text
    +type instance Index Value = Key
  • Remove Primitive and AsPrimitive, since de-emphasized the notion of primitive versus composite JSON values.

    • The AsPrimitive methods (_Value, _String, and _Bool) are now AsValue methods.
    • _Number’s default signature, Bool_, String_, and Null_ now have an AsValue constraint.
  • Add Wrapped and Rewrapped instances for KeyMap. These treat KeyMap v as a wrapper around [(Key, v)]. The order in which the key-value pairs appear in this list is not stable.

  • Add an IsKey class, whose method _Key is an Iso for converting values to and from a Key.

1.1.3 [2021.11.16]

  • Drop support for pre-8.0 versions of GHC.

1.1.2 [2021.10.09]

  • Allow building with aeson-
  • Add Index, IxValue, Ixed, At, and Each instances for KeyMap if building with aeson- or later.

1.1.1 [2021.02.17]

  • Allow building with lens-5.*.
  • The build-type has been changed from Custom to Simple. To achieve this, the doctests test suite has been removed in favor of using cabal-docspec to run the doctests.

1.1 [2019.09.26]

  • Generalize the type of _JSON from Prism' t a to Prism t t a b. If you wish to continue to use the less general type, use the newly added _JSON' prism.
  • Add pattern synonyms corresponding to the Prisms that lens-aeson provides.
  • Fix the test suite on 32-bit architectures.


  • Support doctest-0.12


  • Revamp Setup.hs to use cabal-doctest. This makes it build with Cabal-2.0, and makes the doctests work with cabal new-build and sandboxes.

  • Fix tests to work against vector-0.11
  • Documentation fixes
  • No functional changes since

  • Move lens upper bound to < 5 like the other packages in the family


  • Module migrated from lens package to Data.Aeson.Lens


  • Added members and values


  • Broadened dependencies


  • Repository initialized