BSD-3-Clause licensed by Ashley Yakeley
Maintained by Oleg Grenrus
This version can be pinned in stack with:time-compat-,5076

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This packages tries to compat as much of time features as possible.


  • Difference type ParseTime and FormatTime instances are missing.

  • Formatting varies depending on underlying time version

  • dayFractionToTimeOfDay on extreme values


  • Support time-1.12.


  • Move Hashable instance here from hashable-time package. Note: ZonedTime instance is dropped, as ZonedTime doesn’t have Eq instance.
  • Drop GHC-7.0 and GHC-7.2 support.


  • Support time-1.11.1
    • Add NFData CalandarDiffDays instance


  • Support time-1.11
    • Data.Time.Calendar.Month
    • Data.Time.Calendar.Quarter
    • Pattern synonyms
    • parseTimeMultipleM is not backported
    • Month is missing ParseTime instance
    • Compat extras:
      • Add Ix, Enum, NFData instances to Month, Quarter, QuarterOfYear, CalendarDiffTime and DayOfWeek.


  • Include pastMidnight and sinceMidnight aliases (backported from time-1.10)
  • Support time-1.10