Apache-2.0 licensed by Sebastian Witte
Maintained by [email protected]
This version can be pinned in stack with:nvim-hs-ghcid-,2631

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Ghcid integration plugin for nvim-hs.

This plugin fills the quickfix list with location of compiler errors and warnings. Warnings are only added to the quickfix list if no errors are present.


I don’t know if anyone uses this plugin, but I (saep) have not been using it for years. I usually compile it and test it shortly if it stops compiling on stackage, but that’s about it. It can still be a useful template to write your own plugin as it is as complicated as it gets for a plugin.

If you want to have a development environment to program haskell in, try haskell-language-server which handles different compiler versions and has far more features.


You need stack for the automatic compilation and starting of the plugin to work.

Then add the plugin and its dependency to your neovim config file (Example uses vim-plug):

Plug 'neovimhaskell/nvim-hs.vim'
Plug 'saep/nvim-hs-ghcid'



To initialize a Ghcid session which will fill the quickfix list on errors/warnings. If you add a bang, it will not ask you for the configuration and uses the last saved configuration for the project or guesses a configuration.


Stop the Ghcid session for the project in which the current file resides.


Same as :GhcidStop followed by :GhcidStart!.