Neovim plugin that runs ghcid to update the quickfix list https://github.com/saep/nvim-hs-ghcid

Latest on Hackage:0.2.0

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Apache-2.0 licensed by Sebastian Witte
Maintained by woozletoff@gmail.com


Ghcid integration plugin for nvim-hs.

This plugin fills the quickfix list with location of compiler errors and warnings. Warnings are only added to the quickfix list if no errors are present.


Add the plugin to your nvim-hs config file.

Sample configuration file:

import Neovim

import qualified Neovim.Ghcid as Ghcid

main :: IO ()
main = neovim defaultConfig
    { plugins = defaultPlugins defaultConfig ++ [ Ghcid.plugin ]



To initialize a Ghcid session which will fill the quickfix list on errors/warnings. If you add a bang, it will not ask you for the configuration and uses the last saved configuration for the project or guesses a configuration.


Stop the Ghcid session for the project in which the current file resides.


Same as :GhcidStop followed by :GhcidStart!.

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