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Structurally tag binary serialisation stream.

Say you have:

data Record = Record
  { _recordFields :: HM.HashMap Text (Integer, ByteString)
  , _recordEnabled :: Bool
  deriving (Eq, Show, Generic)

instance Binary Record
instance HasStructuralInfo Record
instance HasSemanticVersion Record

then you can serialise and deserialise Record values with a structure tag by simply

encodeTaggedFile "cachefile" record
decodeTaggedFile "cachefile" :: IO Record

If structure of Record changes in between, deserialisation will fail early.

The overhead is next to non-observable, see a simple benchmark and the results.


  • (2015-10-24)
    • Support generics-sop-0.2
  • (2015-10-06)
    • Add tuple HasSemanticVersion instances
    • Add instances for
      • ()
      • Float
      • Double
      • Version`
      • Fixed
      • Ordering
    • Fix Interleave & SumUpTo, introduce Div2
    • Add instances
      • Ratio
      • Word
      • HasSemanticVersion for primitive types