BSD-3-Clause licensed by Vivian McPhail
Maintained by haskell.vivian.mcphail <at> gmail <dot> com
A simple scientific library for Haskell


See the INSTALL file.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS -----------------------------------------------------

I thank ALberto Ruiz for hmatrix, especially for setup files which I
have shamelessly copied and modified

first version
fixed configure.hs to work for local install
updated to reflect exportation of check from Data.Packed.Development
in hmatrix-
added Numeric.GSL.Fitting.Linear
attempt to fix problem on hackage with configure (localBuild "dist")
fixed argument types in Numeric.GSL.Fitting.Linear
removed redundant imports
attempt to fix problem on hackage with configure (printCurrentDirectory)
added multifit to Numeric.GSL.Fitting.Linear
attempt to fix problem on hackage with configure (removed printCurrentDirectory)
moved GSL.* to hmatrix-gsl-stats
added Numeric.Statistics.Shannon
added mutual_information to Numeric.Statistics.Shannon
fixed definition of mutual_information
added Histogram
added PCA
added ICA
removed hard-coded sigmoid from ICA algorithm internals
was not using seed passed to ica
minor fixes to remove warnings

error in decorrelation fixed
added PDF.hs
modified Information to take in PDF addition
added Surrogate.hs
improved ICA decorrelation step
reflected changes in hmatrix exports
reflected changes in hmatrix exports
added mean/variance for lists/vectors/matrices
hmatrix release
changed base to >= 4
fixed Setup.lhs (as there is no configure.hs)
pointed out by dons
fixed definition of mutual information to be non-negative
divide mutual information/entropy by sample size
remove previous change
fixed bug in surrogate data sampling

added functions to Numeric.Statistics

moved to github
fixed .cabal repository line
Conrad Parker pointed out that hmatrix defaults to

Added pcaN as requested by Marcel Ruegenberg
added pcaReduceN to PCA
exposed pcaReduceN as requested by Tom Nielsen
updated for hmatrix 0.17
updated for hmatrix 0.18

changed PCA to use SVD as suggested by Pavol Klacansky
(issue #3)
Depends on 6 packages:
Used by 1 package:
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