MIT licensed by Duncan Coutts, Mikolaj Konarski, Edsko de Vries
Maintained by Duncan Coutts
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In order to use this package, you must have the ide-backend, ide-backend-server, and ide-backend-rts packages installed.

Hello World

The following simple example demonstrates basic usage of ide-backend.

{-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-}
import qualified Data.ByteString.Char8 as S8
import           Data.Monoid           ((<>))
import           IdeSession

main :: IO ()
main = do
    -- Initialization and providing some code
    sess <- initSession defaultSessionInitParams defaultSessionConfig
    let upd = updateSourceFile "Main.hs" "main = putStrLn \"Hello World\""
           <> updateCodeGeneration True
           <> updateGhcOpts ["-Wall"]
    updateSession sess upd print -- print is used for progress updates

    -- Print errors and warnings
    errs <- getSourceErrors sess
    mapM_ print errs

    -- Run the code
    ra <- runStmt sess "Main" "main"
    let loop = do
            res <- runWait ra
            case res of
                Left bs -> S8.putStr bs >> loop
                Right rr -> putStrLn $ "Run result: " ++ show rr

    -- Get some type information
    expTypes <- getExpTypes sess
    print $ expTypes "Main" SourceSpan
        { spanFilePath = "Main.hs"
        , spanFromLine = 1
        , spanFromColumn = 8
        , spanToLine = 1
        , spanToColumn = 9

    -- Autocompletion
    autoCompletion <- getAutocompletion sess
    print $ autoCompletion "Main" "putS"

Sample output for this run:

[1 of 1] Compiling Main
SourceError {errorKind = KindWarning, errorSpan = Main.hs@1:1-1:30, errorMsg = "Top-level binding with no type signature: main :: IO ()"}
Hello World
Run result: RunOk
[(Main.hs@1:8-1:16,"String -> IO ()"),(Main.hs@1:8-1:30,"IO ()")]
[putStr (VarName) defined in base- at <no location info> (home base- (imported from base- at Main.hs@1:1-1:1),putStrLn (VarName) :: String -> IO () defined in base- at <no location info> (home base- (imported from base- at Main.hs@1:1-1:1)]

Versions and releases

The ide-backend component now uses versioned releases (following the normal package version policy). While we do not make tarballs, we will always tag versions.

Please only use tagged versions and not intermediate git hashes. Instead, please request new tagged releases (either from head or based on old versions).

Please consult the changelog below when integrating a new version of ide-backend. The changelog is the place where we will point out:

  • new features;
  • interface changes;
  • and other relevant information such as which areas may need particular attention and testing during integration.