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Bindings for secp256k1 library from Bitcoin Core

Version on this page:0.4.8
LTS Haskell 7.24:0.4.8
Stackage Nightly 2016-09-14:0.4.6
Latest on Hackage:1.1.2

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LicenseRef-PublicDomain licensed by Jean-Pierre Rupp
Maintained by [email protected]
This version can be pinned in stack with:secp256k1-0.4.8@sha256:24937d72cdb757b181b71c8a126a682baaefb6136cc9e1dd088323607564ab20,7078

Module documentation for 0.4.8

Haskell bindings for secp256k1

This project contains Haskell bindings for the secp256k1 library from the Bitcoin Core project.


Although it is more common that you’ll want to just use this library as part of a project, here are the stand-alone installation instructions:

git clone --recursive
cd secp256k1
stack install

This library contains a submodule that points to the latest supported version of secp256k1.

It is not necessary to install the secp256k1 library in your system beforehand. This package will automatically compile and link the C code from upstream. It will not attempt to link against the secp256k1 library in your system if you already have it.