Haskoin is a package implementing the core functionalities of the Bitcoin protocol specifications. The following features are provided:

  • Hashing functions (sha-256, ripemd-160)

  • Base58 encoding

  • BIP32 extended key derivation and parsing (m1'2/3)

  • BIP39 mnemonic keys

  • ECDSA cryptographic primitives (using the C library libsecp256k1)

  • Script parsing and evaluation

  • Building and signing of standard transactions (regular, multisig, p2sh)

  • Parsing and manipulation of all Bitcoin protocol types

  • Bloom filters and partial merkle tree library (used in SPV wallets)

  • Comprehensive test suite

A wallet implementation is available in haskoin-wallet which uses both this package and the node implementation in haskoin-node.

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