MissingH is a library of all sorts of utility functions for Haskell programmers. It is written in pure Haskell and thus should be extremely portable and easy to use.

Used by 145 packages:
Blogdown, ConfigFile, Configger, DataTreeView, Focus, HFitUI, HSH, HSHHelpers, Hastodon, Hish, Hydrogen, MissingPy, Nomyx-Core, Phsu, Redmine, Referees, Sysmon, adblock2privoxy, ampersand, anydbm, ascetic, bird, bkr, buchhaltung, cabal-query, cabalQuery, carboncopy, claferwiki, clit, codemonitor, codex, compilation, craft, crypto-enigma, darcs-buildpackage, dataflow, datapacker, desert, dfsbuild, docidx, doi, duplo, emailparse, embeddock, erlang, factual-api, ficketed, file-modules, fixhs, formal, forml, frame, fsmActions, ftp-conduit, ftphs, ghci-lib, github-backup, google-static-maps, gopherbot, gtkrsync, hS3, hackport, haeredes, haggis, happstack-helpers, haskanoid, haskell-cnc, haskoon, help-esb, heyefi, hfd, hg-buildpackage, himpy, hmenu, hpaste, hpodder, hs-java, hsparql, htsn, htsn-import, http-trace, httpspec, hums, idiii, idringen, imparse, kdesrc-build-extra, kontrakcja-templates, lambdatwit, list-remote-forwards, macbeth-lib, mahoro, mailbox-count, markup-preview, mathista, matsuri, mcm, minions, missing-py2, mp, muon, mywatch, network-msgpack-rpc, nixfromnpm, nomyx-core, panda, pandoc-stylefrommeta, pansite, phoityne, phoityne-vscode, primula-board, puffytools, pusher-haskell, qr-imager, quenya-verb, rdioh, richreports, scrobble, seacat, shadower, simple-nix, sitepipe, slice-cpp-gen, snaplet-tasks, socketed, specialize-th, sphinxesc, spline3, srcinst, stack-run, stack-run-auto, static-resources, staticanalysis, str, tempo, text-format-simple, trawl, trurl, twidge, uxadt, wai-devel, yesod-crud, yesod-dsl, zampolit, zigbee-znet25
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