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hslogger is a logging framework for Haskell, roughly similar to Python's logging module.

hslogger lets each log message have a priority and source be associated with it. The programmer can then define global handlers that route or filter messages based on the priority and source. hslogger also has a Syslog handler built in.


See also (patch)

  • Drop support for GHC 7
  • Tested with GHC 8.0 - 9.10 (minor)

  • Evaluate message before taking lock in simple handler (#49)
  • Define Typeable, Data, Generic and NFData instances for System.Log.Priority (#43) (major)

  • [semantic change] Messages are encoded as UTF-8 (previously the encoding was locale dependent) for the Syslog and Growl backends
  • Add support for network-3.0; remove redundant dependency on directory and process