The hackage security library provides both server and client utilities for securing the Hackage package server ( It is based on The Update Framework (, a set of recommendations developed by security researchers at various universities in the US as well as developers on the Tor project (

The current implementation supports only index signing, thereby enabling untrusted mirrors. It does not yet provide facilities for author package signing.

The library has two main entry points: Hackage.Security.Client is the main entry point for clients (the typical example being cabal), and Hackage.Security.Server is the main entry point for servers (the typical example being hackage-server).


  • Fix client in case where server provides MD5 hashes (ignore them, use only SHA256)
  • Fix warnings with GHC 8

  • Fix accidental breakage with GHC 8

  • Change path handling to work on Windows (#162).
  • Add new MD5 hash type (#163). This is not for security (only SHA256 is used for verification) but to provide as metadata to help with other services like mirroring (e.g. HTTP & S3 use MD5 checksum headers).
  • Adjust reading of JSON maps to ignore unknown keys. This allows adding e.g. new hash types in future without breaking existing clients.
  • Fix build warnings on GHC 8

  • Fix for other local programs corrputing the 00-index.tar. Detect it and do a full rewrite rather than incremental append.
  • New JSON pretty-printer (not canonical rendering)
  • Round-trip tests for Canonical JSON parser and printers
  • Minor fix for Canonical JSON parser
  • Switch from cryptohash to cryptohash-sha256 to avoid new dependencies

  • Use tar 0.5.0
  • Relax lower bound on directory

  • Relaxed dependency bounds

  • Treat deserialization errors as verification errors (#108, #75)
  • Avoid Content-Length: 0 in GET requests (#103)
  • Fix bug in Trusted
  • Build tar-index incrementally (#22)
  • Generalize 'Repository' over the representation of downloaded remote files.
  • Update index incrementally by downloading delta of .tar.gz and writing only tail of local .tar file (#101). Content compression no longer used.
  • Take a lock on the cache directory before updating it, and no longer use atomic file ops (pointless since we now update some files incrementally)
  • Code refactoring/simplification.
  • Support for ed25519 >= 0.0.4
  • downloadPackage no longer takes a callback.
  • API for accessing the Hackage index contents changed; it should now be easier for clients to do their own incremental updates should they wish to do so.
  • Relies on tar >= 0.4.4
  • Removed obsolete option for downloading the compressed index (we now always download the compressed index)
  • Path module now works on Windows (#118)
  • Dropped support for ghc 7.2
  • Replaced uses of Int with Int54, to make sure canonical JSON really is canonical (#141).

  • Allow clients to pass in their own time for expiry verification (this is an API change hence the major version bump)
  • Export .Client.Formats (necessary to define new Repositories)
  • Start work on basic test framework

  • Don't use compression for range requests (#101)
  • Download index.tar.gz, not index.tar, if range request fails (#99)
  • Minor change in the LogMessage type (hence the API version bumb)
  • Include in the tarball (#98)

  • Allow for network-2.5 (rather than network-uri-2.6)
  • Use cryptohash rather than SHA
  • Various bugfixes
  • API change: introduce RepoOpts in the Remote repository

  • Initial beta release
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