Backend for the persistent library using MySQL database server.

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MIT licensed by Felipe Lessa, Michael Snoyman
Maintained by Felipe Lessa
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This package contains a backend for persistent using the MySQL database server. Internally it uses the mysql-simple and mysql packages in order to access the database.

This package supports only MySQL 5.1 and above. However, it has been tested only on MySQL 5.5. Only the InnoDB storage engine is officially supported.

Known problems:

  • This package does not support statements inside other statements.


  • Fix haddock documentation #725


  • Extend the SomeField type to allow insertManyOnDuplicateKeyUpdate to conditionally copy values.
  • Depend on mysql-simple >= 0.4.3 to fix encoding and decoding of date/time values with fractional seconds (when a column is specified using something like sqltype=TIME(6)). See also #705
  • Fix behavior of insertManyOnDuplicateKeyUpdate to ignore duplicate key exceptions when no updates specified.


  • Add functions insertOnDuplicateKeyUpdate, insertManyOnDuplicateKeyUpdate to Database.Persist.MySQL module.

Prevent spurious no-op migrations when default=NULL is specified - revised version #672 (which fixes bug #671 introduced by the earlier attempt #641)


Compatibility for backend-specific upsert functionality. A lucky contributor could add upsert to the MySQL backend now, i.e.: INSERT … ON DUPICATE …


  • changes for read/write typeclass split

Support usign default= for changing the id field type


  • Distinguish between binary and non-binary strings in MySQL #451
    • Previously all string columns (VARCHAR, TEXT, etc.) were being returned from Persistent as PersistByteStrings (i.e. as binary data). Persistent now checks character set information to determine if the value should be returned as PersistText or PersistByteString.
    • This is a breaking change if your code is relying on a PersistByteString being returned for string-like MySQL values; persistent-mysql itself had several runtime errors that needed to be fixed because of this patch. High-level code dealing purely with PersistEntities should be unaffected.


  • Update to persistent 2.2


  • Added a Show instance for MySQLConf.

Documentation typo fix


Provide a FromJSON instance for MySQLConf.