Bindings to Facebook's API. https://github.com/prowdsponsor/fb

Version on this page:1.0.9
LTS Haskell 7.20:1.0.13
Stackage Nightly 2016-09-14:1.0.13
Latest on Hackage:1.0.13
BSD3 licensed by Felipe Lessa
Maintained by Felipe Lessa

Module documentation for 1.0.9

There are no documented modules for this package.

This package exports bindings to Facebook's APIs (see http://developers.facebook.com/). Does not have any external dependencies and tries to use as little resources (such as memory, sockets and CPU) as possible by using packages such as aeson, attoparsec, bytestring, conduit, http-conduit, text and others.

While we would like to have a complete binding to Facebook's API, this package is being developed on demand. If you need something that has not been implemented yet, please send a pull request or file an issue on GitHub (https://github.com/prowdsponsor/fb/issues).

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